Coney Custom

cigar Box Guitars

we make hand made parts for musical instruments.

Here you will find custom parts made for your Cigar Box Guitars, I make Three string height adjustable bridges with string spacings off 15mm and 13mm and also drop in pickups with 15mm and 13mm pole spacings, details and picture off the bridges are on the website, I also do control plates for your Cigar Box Guitar's and for Telecaster's which are made out off Mahogany and Walnut.If you need a custom pickup with more or less winds just let me know and i will try my best to accommadate your request.

Guitar Below is made by Yves Paubert from France using a Coney 4 pole pickup

House Off The Raising Sun Played On 3 String Cigar Box Guitar

This three string cigar box guitar has my height adjustable pickups fitted. The bridge pickup has 8000 winds and was wound clockwise and the neck pickup has 7000 winds and was wound anti clockwise . Bridge pickup has poles south up and neck pickup has poles north up,this way it cancel the noise when both pickups are selected like a Telecaster.Alnico V5 magnets are used in both pickups and pickups have been potted

Sound Hole Covers

​These Sound Hole Covers come in three sizes 90mm,70mm and 50mm and they also come in Mahogany,Walnut and Black Phenolic.They have a 1mm recess in the back side off the cover

​Pickup,Bridge And Sound Hole Cover Kits

Simple Blues Played On Cigar Box Guitar With 3 Pickups And Height Adjustable Bridge

New Oak Four Pole Pickups

Route 66 Cigar Box Guitar Drop In Pickup